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At Gloucester Innovation we couple demonstrated know-how with passion, drive and creativity to tackle hard and unusual problems requiring interdisciplinary approaches. We’re focused on building platforms, solutions and businesses at the intersection of marine applications, robotics and biotech. We are entrepreneurial by nature and by experience — we work with start-ups and early stage businesses to accelerate growth and we start our own commercial ventures when great ideas or needs come our way. Our core team came from companies including IBM, Pixar, TASC, BBN, General Catalyst Partners, Pearson Education, Google, the Harvard/Smithsonian and others. We’ve been CEO’s, COO’s, CTO’s, Chief Scientists, Executive Directors, XIR’s and EIR’s.

While we think strategically, we work tactically. We solve difficult technical problems. We can round out your executive team and help you find investment and partnerships. We can seize an opportunity to solve a problem and commercialize a venture.

We have just two requirements: any technology project we undertake has to be important to business and to society, and it has to be fun.

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Leveraging DIY and Maker technology, we’re developing a new, affordable generation of platforms for exploring our oceans.

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