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We'll help you and your business succeed
We can take on technology development. We can jumpstart your business team. We can find you partners and investment. We can help you create a strategy.
What Are We Good At?

We have tremendous expertise in high technology – AI, data analytics, autonomy, mobility, sensing and communications. Think autonomous drones flying precision agriculture missions over Napa Valley, marine mammal and other species communications, and ocean ecosystem monitoring and surveillance. There is no problem we can’t take on.

We know how to assemble and manage interdisciplinary projects that have a positive and dramatic benefit to our environment, healthcare, and national or enterprise security. We can also make substantive technical contributions.

And we understand business. We can help you achieve market focus and visibility, establish roadmaps for growth and commercialization, identify targets for partnering or acquisition, obtain capital to accelerate growth and meet your overall financial/resource objectives. We are exceptional at working with early stage and small businesses, and can step into key roles in your evolving company if you have a hole.

Bottom line: We couple extensive technical and business experience with passion, drive and creativity. And most of all we have fun!


We believe in the power of connections and networks, and we nurture them relentlessly. The Gloucester Innovation ecosystem is deep, and we’re happy to share our connections with you to achieve extraordinary results.

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