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We've got access to some pretty cool stuff

Cool Capabilities

Gloucester Innovation has a variety of cool stuff that we use for our different projects. We have a wide range of algorithms/software for signal/image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, rapid prototyping capabilities for UNIX, iOS, and web-based environments, computing resources (desktops, laptops, and mobile devices), and 10’s of terabytes of SAN’s storage. We also have a variety of other devices/platforms including the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms, Unix-based cloud-computing resources (via AWS), digital radio communications (HF packet, XBee, and Internet-based communications technologies), GPS receivers and small-scale electronics workbench capabilities. We have access to a variety of aerial drone and autonomous platforms, video, imagery and acoustic collection capabilities, and communication substrates. In addition, we have access to state of the art recording, audio processing, audio synthesis and production studios in Boston and Gloucester.

Some of the Things We Developed

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