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Our Interns
Incredibly talented and energetic, our interns bring new perspectives and great ideas to our projects!

Alex Marcinek

Alex (“AJ”) is an Environmental Science major at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. AJ interned with Gloucester Innovation during the summer of 2016 where he took responsibility for deploying, testing, evaluating and data collection with a variety of prototype Aquipods. Aquipods are low-cost, submergible devices that can accommodate a variety of sensors, are easy to assemble and deploy, and can collect data over extended periods of time from particular locations in the ocean. AJ’s interested in a wide range of potential environmental careers, including marine field research, forest field research, ocean acidification, ocean clean-up, conservation/wild game management, fishery sustainability, green energy solutions, climate change solutions, environmental policy, and sustainability management/consulting. When not pursuing his studies or internship, AJ takes any chance he can to go kayaking, fishing, hiking, traveling and enjoying quality time with family and friends. AJ was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and has played hockey since he was a toddler.

Griffin Green

Griffin is a Mechanical Engineering major at Lehigh University and interned with Gloucester Innovation during the summer of 2016 where he took responsibility for the design, assembly and testing of prototype Driftbots that will eventually be used to create the Cape Ann Acoustic Network (CAAN). These DIY-inspired platforms include hydrophones for detecting and tracking interesting sounds in the ocean, solar panels for power, long-range Wifi communications to help control the Driftbot and stream data to a CAAN groundstation, as well as Raspberry Pi/Arduino electronics for on-board signal processing. Griffin did a great job! Prior to his internship with us, he interned with Barrett Technology where he was involved in the development of a robotic arm, MIT’s Kavli Institute for Astrophysics where he analyzed supernova remnants with NASA’s Chandra telescope, and ARTAIC where he updated computer mosaic tile imaging into proprietary software. Griffin was also selected to participate in Lehigh Silicon Valley 2016, was a finalist in Massachusett’s FIRST Tech Robotics Challenge, received a President’s Volunteer Service Award, and won 1st place in WPI’s 2012 Frontiers Robotic Competition. Very cool!

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