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Lionfish Destroying Atlantic’s Reefs

Guardian LF1 Kickstarter Campaign – World’s First Eco Robot Meets Invasive Lionfish and Protects Ocean Reefs!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, you all know that Massachusetts is the epicenter of robotics in the US (arguably the world, sorry Silicon Valley). Gloucester Innovation, a company founded and dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship focused on doing great, innovative and positive things with our oceans is pleased to endorse RSE Technology’s Kickstarter campaign for the “Guardian LF1 Eco Robot”. Think marine biologists, educators and ocean scientists coupled with the best and brightest from one of Massachusetts leading robotics firms taking ocean conservation and environmental protection to the next level. Even some of the world’s best chefs love them. Check out their campaign at and follow the press they’ve attracted at , and . Very cool, very innovative. Check it out and pledge if you’re inclined!

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